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.. and go for TENNIS and BOWLING if it is to desolately, or to the ADVENTURE ROOMS in DAVOS and to Faerbi Sport with TRAMPOLIN, SQUASH, CLIMBING, BADMINTON, GOLF, ARCHERY. Or we stop skiing after lunch and play SOCCER, HOCKEY in Hotel Sport, relaxing in HOT WHIRL POOL with our new friends - enjoying the adventure C O M M U N I T Y.

We flout the weather ..

A call is enough

+41 78 644 4403



+ Man is good, coming into beeing with education only
+ Living is learning
+ Misdoing is allowed
+ Stupidity & laziness do not have a meaning (do not exist)
+ The will is always conditionally and never free
+ Decisions are emotionally controlled, therefore psycho-logical
+ The soul always expresses itself
+ Striving for money is striving for appreciation and will to power
+ Two people two worlds
+ We all go to war, yet
+ The greatest human good is our sense of community
+ Everything in extreme turns into its opposite
+ Actions speak louder than words 
+ No Freedom without Love
+ Never a failure, but always a lesson

+ The meaning of life is level 42




We respect other opinions, acknowledge our colleagues and the 10 FIS rules, do not ignore (expressed) needs and decide unanimously.

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