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We meet 0930h at GOTSCHNA BOTTOM STATION and discuss the day, before we go on the mountain, where we ski with the professionals of BEN&JOES on PISTES, through SNOWPARK, BOARDERCROSS or MOGULS.

Everybody skis his own track, if we go to MADRISA, JACOBS- or RINERHORN, do the 3 PEAK TOUR, go OFFPISTE to Austria (via Madrisa), enjoy CRAZY RUN, TEAM CUP, PARSENN DERBY, GOPRO OF THE DAY, etc ..

SKI PROGRAMS - for good skiers and boarder (safe on all slopes)

A call is enough

+41 78 644 4403



+ Man is good, coming into beeing with education only
+ Living is learning
+ Misdoing is allowed
+ Stupidity & laziness do not have a meaning (do not exist)
+ The will is always conditionally and never free
+ Decisions are emotionally controlled, therefore psycho-logical
+ The soul always expresses itself
+ Striving for money is striving for appreciation and will to power
+ Two people two worlds
+ We all go to war
+ The greatest human good is our sense of community
+ Everything in extreme turns into its opposite
+ Actions speak louder than words
+ No Freedom without Love
+ Never a failure, but always a lesson
+ The meaning of life is level 42




We respect other opinions, acknowledge our colleagues and the 10 FIS Rules, do not ignore (expressed) needs and decide unanimously.

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